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North is really South theory (June 2015)
    In this article I explain my theory on the Earth is really upside down in our drawings, using a flower growing out of the ground as an example, by the simple fact that the furthest/highest point of a flower/object from the ground would be considered the north of an object, and that part is the hottest sense it's the closest to the sun. (read more)

Why online backup is important (November 2014)
In this short article I wanted to share with people reading that you should always keep in mind the potential of your computer crashing and you loosing all your files. (read more)

Can Protein Powder Turn You Into A Killer? (January 2014)
          In this article I wanted to get into why taking protein mixes and weight gainers is not a wise choice. Being the number 1 victim of crime in the world I always get set up to discover key points and evidence and so was the case here. (read more)

2 Murder Attempts/Threats on my life last 3 Easters (May 2013)

Another close shot to death came unexpectedly today Thursday May 2nd, 2013 for me.  It wouldn't have been so obvious if it wasn't the Thursday 3 days before the celebration for Easter. Christians celebrate that on a Thursday Jesus was killed and resurrected 3 days later. A similar close to death experience happened on the Thursday 3 days before Easter 3 Easters ago in 2011. (read more)

Don't elect Romney save 250,000 lives!!!
The inside story from the #1 victim of crime in the world  (September 2012)

       Before beginning to get into detail about why Romney should not get elected in the 2012 elections, or ever,  I want to make it clear that I'm not a hate preacher, or a bad person out here accusing people for no good reason. I'm always living a life of torture and based on my previous 10 years of experience of all the murders worldwide directly linked to my life, all I'm trying to do is save lives. (read more)

Advice For Newlyweds (August 2012)

        In this short and quick article I wanted to share with my readers what has been revealed to me by God and his wisdom while I was reading the Old Testament in the Bible. God seems to prepare me in all stages of life... (read more)

Will Mankind Outlast The Universe  (April 2012)

       There are a lot of questions asked today about the future of mankind. What will happen when the sun burns out? Will mankind figure out how to travel the universe by then? Will mankind figure out how to live amongst dozens of feet of deep ice, once the earth freezes over? And what about the creation of the universe? The whole new scientific term of the "bubble effect". (read more)

A Hidden Agenda Behind Hitler Killing The Jews?
Was Kosovo A Trade Off For Israel?
   (November/December 2011)

The next time you walk through town and see a German swastika symbol spray painted you may want to think twice about having negative thoughts about it. That is if you belong to the Jewish or the Christian religion. (read more)

What Is Next For Mankind?   (October 2011)

        As the world turns and human life advances and evolves, many questions come to mind as to what happens next? Can we get bored with our regular life here on Earth, and will we expand to new horizons? We already have set foot on the moon and sent vehicles to explore Mars, while other vehicles are currently on their way or being built and designed to explore other planets. (read more)

Proper Shower Practices   (October 2011)

        Mankind has evolved through centuries of learning and inventing. Proper hygiene is not a subject that is given much thought, and in this article I wanted to give some good points to practice and teach your children on how to properly shower. (read more)

Presidential And Prime Minister Visits That Leave Big Clues Of Genocide

        In the particular issue of Presidential and Prime Minister visits that leave big clues of genocide the case started when the English Prime Minister, Gordon Brown visited with the then President of United States George Bush, in April of 2008. The very same day when Brown left Washington D.C. there was a storm in the city that consisted of small twisters leaving some minor property damage in the city. (read more)

The Osama Bin Laden Issue And The United States

        The recent killing ordered by the United States President Barack Obama against Osama Bin Laden has shocked the International Community. It was always understood that the United States was very well aware of where Osama Bin Laden has been moving and living, and the war in Afghanistan has been a big mass of why does the war even exist? Many Muslims in Asia have reported that the killing against Osama has been cold blooded murder. (read more)

Blacklick Park an Ideal Place for Outdoor Fitness
        Blacklick Park is located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio just minutes outside of the Columbus line on the east side of town. It is located right of off Livingston Avenue. The park offers various excersing options. It includes a trail that is approximately 4.2 miles long. To get to the trail, drive your car to the last parking entry. The point where the road inside the park comes to an end. To relax and take a breather you can visit the wild life watch house. The house is located at the same parking lot as the walking trail. (read more)

Mortgage and Refinancing Need-to-Knows
        While the mortgage company is screaming spend, the consumer is screaming save. When considering refinancing your current mortgage or taking out a 2ND mortgage for your home there is several things to keep in mind.You have to know what your options in obtaining a mortgage are. The most common things that lenders will give out a mortgage for, are refinancing, bill consolidation, home improvement, taking cash out, new home purchase, (read more)

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