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Blacklick Park an Ideal Place for Outdoor Fitness
Blacklick Park is located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio just minutes outside of the Columbus line on the east side of town. It is located right of off Livingston Avenue. The park offers various excersing options. It includes a trail that is approximately 4.2 miles long. To get to the trail, drive your car to the last parking entry. The point where the road inside the park comes to an end. To relax and take a breather you can visit the wild life watch house. The house is located at the same parking lot as the walking trail. If you prefer to walk along side a busy road, the park has a newly paved wide trail side walk. The sidewalk runs along Livingston Avenue.
        Some of the features of the Livingston Avenue Trail is the Blacklick Golf Course right next to the park, and the softball field on the opposite side of the road. If you take the Livingston Avenue trail east before you get to State Route 256 you will see a path going down and right. If you go down the path it will lead you below Livingston Avenue along side a local river. The path runs clear to Main St. Using this path you can enjoy an outdoor view with a river along side. This path is also used for bicycles. Bicycle riders have become a common view around the Livingston Avenue path.
        Some of the other exercising options you can use is the basketball court located at the 3rd parking lot on the left, of off the main park road. You can usually find and join a basketball game. If you prefer to take another trail on wildlife and water, you can park on the very first parking lot on the left. At the end of parking area there is a wildlife trail you can take that leads to a wildlife pond. At the pond you can stop and relax to a water atmosphere. The 2nd parking lot on the left has a wide open grass field and a picnic areas. You can enjoy a picnic and participate in activities like throwing a Frisbee or playing soccer.

        Overall Blacklick Park is one of the most preserved, and authentic parks in the Columbus, Ohio area. It is a great place to exercise in the outdoors and breathe fresh air. It is also a great place to enjoy the scenery and meet people from all age groups.
Neighborhood: Eastside Columbus
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
United States of America
Article Written By: Goranco Petrovski / Boss Money

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