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Can Protein Powder Turn You Into A Killer?
In this article I wanted to get into why taking protein mixes and weight gainers is not a wise choice. Being the number 1 victim of crime in the world I always get set up to discover key points and evidence and so was the case here. With over 500,000 lives lost directly linked to my life and code so far, and with no chance of slowing down, there is a nonstop presence of warfare in my life, attacking me from all sides on a daily basis. These murderers who committed the genocide prove points on how they got set up to murder. Even further in this issue making me or anyone who wants to bring them down, and make their genocide a public issue, and arrest them, feel like we are the criminals in a plot that set them up to commit these crimes, and now working on arresting them.
On my recent trip back to Europe I resided in the country of Macedonia FYR, for 4 years, which is the country of my birth. Macedonia is a mountainous region, and while down there I had the opportunity to do some exercise through the uphill terrains. Getting committed to my exercise routine I decided to try a weight gainer product I purchased from the store with the name "F2 Full Force, Forced Mass 5000". The package came in an attractive yellow and black package, in the form of powder. I mixed the powder with milk at the higher dose recommended while I am a smaller person and probably should have kept it light doses. After a few days of repeated high doses of the product, I started experiencing a few negative symptoms. The lighter negative symptom was a migraine headache. I also started feeling the effects from the powder working its way to the middle of my scull and brain, and started to feel empty headed in the middle of my brain. It made me realize why people referred to muscle builders as dumb muscle builders, because their brains look empty and stupid, now made sense. This powder substance I was drinking to gain weight was causing my brain to feel empty in the middle of my scull. Though the whole thing in part can be psychological, because once you reach the point where you are so strong, you may self inflict the stupid look about your self, because you no longer have to rely on your brain for defense, sense you have muscles to defend your self with. The next really bad side effect was it gave me the feeling that I could kill somebody. I found myself at a point of 3 to 4 days where I was shaking in fear that I was going to kill somebody. The feeling of being able to murder was intensified and very realistic. A few times I had to phone a family member and talk on the phone, while I was praying inside feeling hopeless that I wouldn't be able to control myself, and I would kill somebody if I stepped foot outside of my house. Although the migraine headaches side effects went away after a few weeks, the feeling of having problems in the middle of my brain stuck around and I would consider that a long term side effect from taking the powder mix. My personality feels like it has changed more now as well and the whole attitude to be able to commit a murder I feel more confident, and I would consider that a long term side effect as well. Along with all the negative things that happened to me, while I'm fighting to bring justice and not being able to succeed along with this weight gainer substance has all contributed to my character reaching a climax of wanting to destruct someone for their wrong doing.
How do these protein shakes affect us? A big percentage of people we hire to be our country defense, and work for our Government is people who exercise regular. Some of these people work for the Army or Air force, some of these people work for special agencies like the CIA or Homeland Security. These people have our lives entrusted in them and they do everything in their power to stay in top fitness conditions including taking protein mass builder over the counter substances like the one I took. These people have been taking these substances for years. When a person goes to work out he gets into a mindset "I'm going to work out like a killer, I have to do whatever is necessary to protect myself and my responsibilities". Over the years with all of these protein mixes and substances people working for the Government have become killers. They use the size of their muscles to rule the law, instead of the law itself. Around 2 million people from the general population in the United States of America are in prison. Government workers never get any prison sentences. It is unfair how the general population gets punished for their wrong doings, but Government workers crimes and murder, get put in a private file and get stored away secretly somewhere, cause if they get made public, it affects the image of the entire country. So for the image of the country to stay clean, Government workers, get away with committing murder.
In conclusion I took the time to write the article, to bring the truth of the other charge that the murderers working for our Government are failing to admit. They do always go around blaming others for setting them up to commit murder. But they don't admit about their strenuous work out activities that has piled and piled up over the years. They don't admit that the protein powders they drink intensify their ability to kill. They don't admit that the whole routine can bring out the animal side in a human. They don't admit that all their aches and pains from strains in their muscles contribute in a large amount toward their action and decisions on their daily routine. How many Government workers have gave an order to kill someone in war just because they had muscle that was aching that day and they were in a bad mood? Those are the real things we need to think about. Controlled exercise? Why are all the tiny pretty women employed in our Government that hardly ever exercise so calm? How come they don't have any murder charges? That's because they are not over strained in their muscles in a bad mood to have to go kill somebody.
Goranco Petrovski / Boss Money / Gazda Pari