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Understanding the data from the recent murder markets we can determine that the smaller under developed countries such as Sri Lanka and it's surrounding neighbors in 2005 and the recent Haiti 2010 incident are more liable to get hit with major death tolls. The big world powers look at these markets as a less of a threat and feel comfortable performing acts of genocide against.  From the Columbus DC album data collected, markets included the New Orleans Flood, 9/11 Towers, Slobodan Milosevic death, Madrid Spain Train Bombings, Sri Lanka Tsunami, Australia Hurricane Glenda, Columbus Ohio Sniper Highway Shootings, London Tunnel Bombings, and his church St. Mary burning in Columbus Ohio. More recent data from the markets include countries such as Haiti and Japan. Be sure to also check out the Boss Money article titled
"Presidential And Prime Minister Visits That Leave Big Clues Of Genocide" that explains some facts on recent lives lost.

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