North is really South theory, by Goranco Petrovski,
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North is really South theory

In this article I explain my theory on the Earth is really upside down in our drawings, using a flower growing out of the ground as an example, by the simple fact that the furthest/highest point of a flower/object from the ground would be considered the north of an object, and that part is the hottest sense it's the closest to the sun. Thus making the north really the south and the south really the north in the case of our Earth. Driving around Ohio the USA I always seemed to have a sort of a confusion about things because when I would travel East sometime it felt I was going South and when I would travel West it would feel I was going North. I had my sense of direction feeling like I'm out of place on this Earth and became concerned about my feeling of right from wrong.

After some time dealing with my issue and sense of direction stubborness to be right, I was driving from Ohio to Florida.  It felt like my drive was going up a hill like I was driving North the entire time. I kept thinking to myself "If I'm driving South and North is up why does it feel like I'm driving up instead of downhill?" Like I said this issue has been bothering me for some time and my competency felt distressed. Then I thought.. "sense my drive feels like I'm driving uphill to Florida instead of downhill then we must have the standards and drawing of Earth upside down".

To further support my theory is we are comparable living organisms to Earth and all life on it. When a flower grows out of the ground, it's furthest point above the ground would be considered north. While the area of the root would be considered south. Sense North is the highest point of the map or an object. Furthermore the highest part of the flower growing from the ground is closest to the sun and it's the part that gets the hottest. While the lowest point of the flower toward the root is in the shade has a lot of water, the soil level is colder and damp. That made me realize the same thing is with the Earth. The closest point to the sun is the hottest point of the Earth and the coldest point is away from the sun where it's the coldest point of the Earth and it's damp and a lot of water and cooler. Which means the Earths highest point would be the point where it's the hottest what we call the South, but that point would really be North if we compare the Earth to a flower growing from the ground. Therefore concluding my theory that North is really South and South is really North.

Article written by Boss Money/Goranco Petrovski/Gazda Pari

How the Earth should look upside down, Antarctica may not be visible on the back end possibly comparable to the back of the leaves of the flower that don't see the sun much
Picture for the Earth above is credited to "AYool topography 15min" by Plumbago - English Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons - and re-edited by me