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Will Mankind Outlast the Universe

There are a lot of questions asked today about the future of mankind. What will happen when the sun burns out? Will mankind figure out how to travel the universe by then? Will mankind figure out how to live amongst dozens of feet of deep ice, once the earth freezes over? And what about the creation of the universe? The whole new scientific term of the "bubble effect". Scientists are claiming that the universe was formed similar to a soap bubble bursting. That could very well make sense, since a soap bubble is made of water and over 70% of the earth is composed of water as well. What about the "big bang" being comparable to a firework being let out in the sky on a holiday event such as New Year's eve? The comparison of the particles of the firework burning out and the stars in the universe are there. And to further support that the "big bang" was something like a giant firework and the earth is a light in that firework is the fact that gun powder exists and is used to create fireworks. What the earth contains is what must have been part of the matter of the "big bang". Now imagine huge giants living somewhere and letting of entire universes at special occasions and watching them develop, like a firework show.

When talking about the creation of the universe the subject is always somewhat conflicting because of religion and the existence of God. Though God did not make everyone perfect and what men wrote down to make each religious book, was to the best of men's knowledge at that time period of mankind. Men learned and developed, is that also true about God.

God created man out of dirt. When man dies he returns back to the dirt and eventually turns back into dirt. Over the years the process forms a perfect cycle of what we have described as a "food chain", and how we turn back into what we was originally made of. The points in the Bible where God says "invest the money you have and make more" and to the one that didn't invest he took his money. Or the "good grain" grows and multiplies, while the "bad grain" suffocates. So men would be the "good grain" that grew and multiplied. Dinosaurs were not creative and were worthless so they suffocated. Men were good and creative. And since God created men, his investment paid off. And men has multiplied many times over and over like the grain. God invested in forming men out of dirt and his investment multiplied. As is for men, is it true that it may the same for God?

Though eventually if the sun burns out, men will no longer exist and thus God will go broke of his investment in men. So like every empire that rises also falls, or rich perhaps going broke, so can God? If men learns space travel and lives forever, then God will never lose his investment in men. Though it is possible that the numbers in men will reduce. With the scientist theory of the bubble effect, when looking at what happens to the bubble after it bursts, the bubble dries out. Nothing remains. Therefore it is possible that one day everything in the universe will one day dry out and completely disappear. If something remains will it be usable? Think of a single leaf that falls of a tree. The leaf dries out and becomes crushable. There isn't anything you can make out of the remainder of the leaf, because the matter of the leaf left is light as dust. Perhaps scientists should focus or are already focusing on trying to build out of the weakest matter such as the dust of a dried out tree leaf. Because in the future that type of matter may be the only type of matter that remains to build out of.

Another example is looking at a firework in the sky. The firework is filled and heavy going to the sky. It explodes and once all the material burns out it is no longer usable and becomes dust or debris. Can men escape the universe and transfer into another universe if that time ever came and the universe dried out, and becomes completely dark, like a firework that burns out? It would be hard to visualize something like that. Visualizing a particle from one firework jumping into a new firework to keep on living. It may be possible, since we are not still objects such as a planet and we can move around. Though the question is how long will the giants below letting off new universes keep on letting them off. Fireworks are only let off on special occasions. They are not an all year round event. So can we find ourselves in complete darkness waiting on a new universe to light up one day? Will there be a pause in between "big bangs"? If there is, how will men survive in complete darkness? Is our destiny doomed without any hope of survival? And if that's the case where we have to wait in between big bangs, can you imagine how long the wait will be? If our current universe will last for billions of years and is equivalent to a couple hours of a one night of fireworks, then we would have to wait, for trillions of years until the next big bang or the next holiday celebration for the giants below before we can transfer to a new universe. With that said we would be like a virus that has been sitting dormant hidden waiting for light and to grow. So we may find ourselves in that exact same scenario, and realize that our life is comparable to everything around us that we find good or dangerous.

What makes all of the stars in the sky glow and be visible at night? Is there a moon so big making those stars reflect light, though it is not seen by the human eye? And what if after the 30 minute firework show we live for the rest of the night in complete darkness and daylight comes? It would mean that space around us will no longer be dark and we will not experience any darkness for trillions of years. While a gigantic sun is slowly moving across the universe. There is infinite amount of possibilities with space.

What if we are just an entertaining evening of fireworks in a giant's life? Or a cell in a giants body? Comparable to the bubble effect. When a bubble is pierced it bursts, when a man is stabbed he dies, both no longer exist, and can't be brought back. Are we something comparable to a spread able disease within a body? We already visited the moon, and came back, with infinite possibilities in the future to travel through space and spread all over the universe, like a disease spreading in the celestial body. Or is the universe on a crash course and will it collide with another universe in the future? Can we say like a bad car accident it would be a bad universe accident there.

We are like a parasite or a bacteria. Though we have learned how to control and multiply what we destroy in order to survive and keep on living. Only with time our questions will be answered of human survival in the future. One thing is for sure, we will most likely always live in worry that there is a possibility of extinction and never feel completely secure of the survival of men kind.

Article Written By Goranco Petrovski / Boss Money